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Why Utilize Our Customer Relationship Manager?

So we have the show, the tell, and a strategic approach to your media surrounding your business, but what now?

Imagine being able to manage your inbound qualified leads through an all-in-one solution to keep communication with your audience fresh, exciting, and above all else, enticing with your world-class solutions.

Your potential customers have a lot of noise constantly hitting them daily attempting to get their attention. Most will be ignored and never have the opportunity to form a true relationship with their audience. This is where you come in with a flow of media that connects with your target audience paired with customer relationship management tools to begin to bridge your business from being just another decibel of noise in their daily life, into being a guiding voice with the honest and sincere intention to help your audience live their best life.

With our Customer Relationship Management tool, you avoid being a megaphone pointed at your audience’s face, to a gentle trusted guiding voice providing valued solutions.

What Can It Do For You & Your Business Goals?

Powerful Email & SMS Marketing

Full email marketing integrations that is seamless and works flawlessly with the other functions of your logistical video marketing plan.

Easy & Effective Reputation Management

Customers are instantly followed up after solutions have been deliverd with a completel integrated review form to sing your business' praises.

Book Appointments & Follow Ups Instantly

Prospects can instantly schedule appointments, be sent SMS confirmations, and reminders to manage your time effectively.

Hyper intergratible Sales Funnels

Build beautiful and engaging funnels that flawless work within your brand to entice prospects with content designed to get them in contact with your business.

Complete CRM Tracking at a glance

No more scanning spreadsheets to see where a prospective client is in the conversion process. See everyone's progress at a glance and understand where they are at.

Online Stores & Course Building

Whether your selling products or creating the next great online course, our CRM features complete e-commerce integrations that rival big name brands in the digital sales world.

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